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Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements

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Facts About Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin Supplements

If you are after having good health then you need to take Vitamins. A lot of people nowadays wish to use vitamin supplements to give themselves a better health and lifestyle. However there are a lot of people who refuse to believe that vitamin supplements are good for our health.

We are now going to look at the topic of vitamin supplements.


To keep your body in a state of good health your body needs to have a daily intake of vitamins. The reason we have to take vitamins is because our bodies cannot produce some of the vitamins we need, so people take pills or medicine to give them the required vitamins. These are known as vitamin supplements.

Why you Need to Take Vitamins

The reason it is necessary to take a regular number of vitamins is because it will help your body in the long run. Vitamin supplements help build and preserve the tissues and organs in your body. That is not the only reason for taking vitamin supplements. Another reason is that they give you with energy and help increase your immune system. They also do several other jobs such as maintain your skin so that it is clean and fresh.

Getting the Vitamins you need from your Diet

The vitamins you need can be either taken from pills, or found in various foods you eat. There are two main vitamins;

- Fat-soluble- these vitamins can be found in fat foods such as butter and dairy products. These types of vitamins are very useful. For example, should your body not need any more vitamins at one time then the body will store the vitamins in your liver and these vitamins will be used in the future.

- Types of fat-soluble vitamins are; vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K

There is also another type of vitamin supplement, water-soluble;

- These types of vitamins are mainly found in the fruits and vegetables you eat. These however are not stored in your body, so this means that you will need to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, hence the term 5 portions of fruit and vegetable a day. If you have a lot of these types of vitamins in your body then they will be released when you go to the toilet through your urine.

- Some types of vitamins found in water-soluble vitamins are; vitamin B, vitamin C, biotin, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.

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